Friday, 10 June 2016

Improving indoor environmental and air quality (IEAQ) can significantly increase the mental function and productivity of building occupants, according to a study from Navigant Research.

The research found that the health and wellbeing of employees, students and patients in workplaces, schools and hospitals respectively depended partly on IEAQ factors such as daylight, outside views and ventilation. Here are a few of the findings:

Outside views

  •          Improve mental function and memory by up to 25 per cent
  •          Make 8.5 per cent of hospital stays shorter


  •         Increases students’ learning speed by up to 26 per cent and test scores by as much as 14 per cent
  •        Helps workers to be up to 18 per cent more productive

HVAC systems
  • Improve productivity by 11 per cent via better ventilation
  • Increase productivity by 3 per cent from greater temperature regulations

Gibbons HVAC Services can’t do much about outside views and daylight, but we’re the experts when it comes to improving IEAQ with our energy-efficient air handling systems and services. Supplying a wide range of buildings, including schools, colleges and universities, our range of HVAC equipment is complemented by maintenance, repair and technical support from our experienced team.

As a long-time provider to workplaces, educational buildings and healthcare facilities, we’re well aware of the importance of minimising disruption to day-to-day operations which is why we can attend site outside normal hours.

To find out more about our air handling products and services, call HVAC Services Manager Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email


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