Friday, 24 June 2016

Overnight thunderstorms meant Gibbons staff arriving for work on Thursday morning were greeted by the sight of a half-flooded car park, with the water level just a few inches from the front door.

Flooding on the field adjacent to our workshop had resulted in water gushing through special channels in the wall, leading to the drains in our car park being overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, a flock of black-headed seagulls soon made themselves at home on the newly-formed lake in the field behind our workshop!

As the rain continued to pour, we sprung into action. Two submersible pumps were pulled from stock and lowered into the water. Pipework was extended to reach drains on a raised road, enabling us to safely pump away the water. The high-performance pumps soon had the car park cleared of water – although the seagulls weren’t happy that their lake had disappeared!

What would your business do in the event of such a flood? Would you have the equipment to avoid floodwater entering your building? Investing in a submersible pump allows you to take fast, decisive action to protect your business should the unthinkable occur.

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