Wednesday, 16 December 2015

For ABB drives users, service requirements depend on various factors including business priorities and where the equipment is in its lifecycle. Here we’ll look at the four most common service needs for ABB drives.

Operational efficiency
For many users, continuous and reliable operation is essential. They want to know that their process will be available when they need it and be confident in its consistent running. To ensure this is the case, ABB has assigned an elite group of certified engineers known as Authorized Value Providers (AVPs).

As a founder member of the AVP network, Gibbons has experienced personnel with the expertise to ensure that everything is carried out correctly, from installation and commissioning through to regular scheduled preventative maintenance.

Rapid response

Unplanned downtime can be one of the most frustrating and expensive occurrences in a wide range of industries including food and beverage production, manufacturing and mining. For every minute of lost production, profits are being eroded and you’re paying operatives for doing nothing.

That’s why when the worst does happen and your equipment fails, the speed of response is critical. In many cases remote support means the issue can be investigated within minutes of occurring, while engineers can also be promptly mobilised to attend site.

If your variable-speed drive should fail, Gibbons will replace it with a fully-tested unit, dispatched within 24 hours. In cases of extreme emergency, express delivery is available.

Lifecycle management

Being aware of the precise status of your drive allows you to make decisions in terms of upgrade and replacement. ABB has a defined strategy for lifecycle management, and classifies drives accordingly. Active drives are those still in production and available to order, with full service support. The classic phase commences once volume production for a drive has ceased, but lifecycle services are retained. The limited stage occurs when the development of a drive has ended and services are removed, but spare parts can still be sourced. Finally, the obsolete phase denotes the point at which ABB can no longer guarantee support or services at a realistic cost.

Our knowledge and experience helps us to identify which lifecycle stage your drives are at, allowing for upgrades to be planned in advance. This ensures you are always operating with the ideal drive for your application, allowing you to maximise efficiency and guarantee the availability of support and services.

Performance improvement

Achieving the highest possible level of performance out of a drive is vital for users faced with rising energy costs and pressure to achieve productivity targets.

Comprehensive on and off--site training and e-learning opportunities lead to improved safety, better staff troubleshooting skills and maximum availability of drives. In addition, hardware upgrades are offered to keep drive systems running at peak performance.

Users looking to modernise their drives in the shortest possible time can benefit from retrofitting, meaning part or all of the system is replaced. Existing cabling, motors and cabinets may remain in use in order to minimise disruption.

Of course, for many ABB drives users, all four of these service requirements are equally important. If that’s the case in your application, Gibbons can provide a full package to ensure all your needs are met. For more information, call Drives Manager Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email


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