Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The heat generated by servers and other equipment in data centres means the control of temperature is critical in order to guarantee the protection of the information being stored.

Data centre operators are therefore under severe pressure to maintain uninterrupted service, facing a target of 99.9999% reliability in order to avoid paying compensation to customers. This ‘six nines of reliability’ target allows for just 31.5 seconds of downtime per year, meaning the failure of temperature control devices such as HVAC fans could be disastrous.

Therefore, data centre operators must be confident that temperature is properly regulated in server halls. By connecting variable-speed drives to a HVAC application, conditions can be tightly controlled and any issues flagged up before failure occurs. In addition, drives ensure that fans are only activated when required, keeping energy consumption to a minimum and reducing wear.

Gibbons are an Authorized Value Provider for ABB drives, meaning we’re approved to offer a wide range of drives products and services to suit industrial and commercial applications.

To discuss the benefits of variable-speed drives for data centres or other applications, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email


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