Monday, 27 July 2015

The manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs demands stringent humidity management, particularly with many processes requiring round-the-clock environmental control. Here are some of the reasons pharmaceutical process managers must consider humidification:

  •          Trace moisture on the surface of drugs can accelerate decomposition, resulting in shortened shelf life.
  •          The production of pills coated with aqueous solutions requires a precise level of humidity to allow the coating to dry out at the optimum rate and maintain the desired drug release rate.
  •          Printing onto tablets with water-based ink can also be problematic if moisture levels in the air are not correct, while low humidity can cause pills to stick together and lead to packing issues.
  •          By ensuring humidity levels are maintained to within a tight tolerance, pharmaceutical manufacturers can enjoy energy efficiency improvements, increased yields, reduced wastage and higher product quality.

Gibbons have extensive experience in the supply, installation and servicing of humidification systems across a wide range of sectors, including data centres, cleanrooms and pharmaceutical production. For more information on Gibbons’ humidification systems, call Steve Rix on 07966 423165 or email 


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