Monday, 6 July 2015

Over time, the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) has been acknowledged by authorities, with the latest standard being BS EN 13779:2007. This defines “ventilation for non-residential buildings” along with “performance requirements for ventilation and room-conditioning systems.”

The standard relates to mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation systems and mechanical elements of hybrid ventilation systems, covering all aspects including principles, characteristics, requirements, operation and maintenance.
Included in BS EN 13779 is a system of classification for indoor air quality, which is as follows:

Category              Description                        CO2 (parts per million)

IDA 1                     High IAQ                              <400 o:p="">
IDA 2                     Medium IAQ                      400-600
IDA 3                     Moderate IAQ                   600-1,000
IDA 4                     Low IAQ                               >1,000

These classes allow commercial air conditioning suppliers and building managers to measure IAQ and determine whether equipment is performing satisfactorily. Poor IAQ has a significant effect on many aspects of occupied spaces, including staff productivity and wellbeing plus the efficiency and operational life of air-handling equipment.

If you’re concerned about IAQ and meeting the demands of BS EN 13779, why not contact our HVAC Services division? We supply, install, maintain and replace air-handling systems in offices, education establishments, healthcare facilities and many more building types.

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