Monday, 25 November 2013

Gibbons Engineering Group is and has been one of the country’s leading motor rewind specialists for a number of years. Our group of engineers are equipped to rewind and repair any electrical mechanical equipment. Here we meet one of the members of our team to get an insight into the motor rewind service.

Q. What is the biggest motor rewind challenge you have faced?
A. Rewinding and rebuilding a large motor gearbox for a plastic extrusion line which had to be returned to the customer within 24 hours. We worked throughout the night to complete the job.

Q. What do you class as a good motor rewind?
A. A good motor rewind is one where you feel proud of the workmanship and finished quality, where I would be pleased to put my name on the returned product.
Thankfully, at Gibbons, all our motor rewinds meet these exacting standards, it’s just a real shame that all the work is in the body of the motor and that no one sees it!

Q. How many motors do you rewind?
A. Several hundred per year.

Q. What are the main reasons why motors need rewinding?
A. Incorrect customer electrical installation; or poor maintenance. It is also possible for the power to be lost on one phase of a three phase motor and therefore, the motor is damaged and a rewind is necessary.

Q. Is rewinding always the best solution?
A. you would normally rewind a motor that is a special build and therefore not easy to replace or on large motors where the cost of a replacement is very high. Otherwise replacing the motor would be the normal solution.

Q. When would you NOT suggest a motor rewind?
A. When the repair is more expensive than a replacement or where the damage is so great it is not possible to rewind the motor.

Q. What are the major changes in motor rewinds that you have noticed during this time?
A. No real changes, it’s one of those rare things that has stayed exactly the same. 

For more information on our rewinds & repairs service, please contact our Workshop Manager, Dave Cruse on 01621 868138


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