Wednesday, 4 September 2013

With the news that Microsoft is buying Nokia in a £4.61 bn deal, it’s got us thinking here in the office about our own changing technology and how far our phones have come in the years since our very first one landed in our hands.

As we checked and updated our Twitter  this morning we came across the breaking news that a deal has been struck between the technology giants Microsoft and Nokia. The deal is set to produce the Lumia series of smartphones based on Microsoft’s operating system and could turn Microsoft from the straggler of the smartphone industry into a powerful player with the potential to rival both Apple and Google.

This new partnership highlights the need for constant progression and development in techniques and technology that keeps our industry moving, innovative and competitive.

This story has spurred us all into wild conversation in the office about our first mobile phones- since many of us are now lost without our iPhone attached to us, the likes of the Nokia 3210 (my first phone) of our youth seem Neolithic. Where would we be without all the apps and the instant Wi-Fi access practically anywhere we go?

Likewise our own products have taken a significant turn over the last 44 years that Gibbons Engineering Group has been in business. Starting as a motor rewind and repair business without successful partnerships along the way, or the technological advancements made, we wouldn't be the nine division, successful company we are today. 

Gibbons begin their story as T.G. Consultancy in 1969

If you have any thoughts on the new partnership between Nokia and Microsoft or want to share the memory of your first phone, we’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below. 


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